The Commodore 128 was the successor to the famous Commodore 64 home computer, introduced in 1985 and produced until Commodore's fate in 1996


In 1984, Commodore decided they needed to replace the extremely famous Commodore 64, and ended up replacing the old breadbin model with the Commodore 64C and Commodore 128...the first one having 64K ram (obviously) and the second having twice the ram of the C64, 128K of RAM...Commodore introduced the Commodore 128 in 1985 for a initial price of $300 USD...the Commodore 64C has almost the exact same case as the 128...the Commodore 128 was loaded with Commodore BASIC 7.0. It also had 128K of ram and also came with a hardware C64 emulator to run C64 games.

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